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LJBZ2025 Vertical Automatic Flat Press Insulating Glass Production Line



As the most important process of insulating glass production, we are especially professional in glass cleaning, transmitting pressingand gas fillingoptional.The production line can do double glasstriple glass and stepped glass.

1.     Low-e glass sensor

This sensor  is installed before washing machine.It can automatically recognize Low-e glass,preventing the glass from dropping Low-e surface.

2.     Conveyor roller

The transfer wheel in the washing and drying section : The front and back transfer wheel are all moved, all actively transferred. It can  guarantee the big size glass and thick glass pass through smoothly.

3.     Washing&Drying machine


The whole washing &drying machine adopts stainless steel,including the plate and interior spare parts.And some slider block are copper.

3.1 Washing part

It has 3 pair of brushes, which are all soft brushes, washing flat glass,tempering glass and low-e glass.It has a diameter of less than 0.1mmde bristles,which will never damage glass,especially low-e glass .

Noise reduction device

The noise can be controlled below 90 decibels by using nylon gear and sponges.

Water heating system

It also uses  stain steel and adopts air heating system.

Water heating function.

Main feature
• Stable performance
• Online gas filling (option)
• PLC control system, touch screen interface
• Coating&LOW-E glass automatic identification
• Can wash on-line&off-line glass
• Hierarchical type washing system
• Water tank automatic temperature control, water replenishing system
• European silencer system&stainless steel drying system
• Intelligent batch-type energy saving systemn Embedded subdued light inspection method
• Aluminum frame assembly separate part structure
• Digital display&sealant depth adjustment device
• Adjustable matrix separating pressing system
• Automatic outside rotary glass positioning system
• Aviation plug cable connect way
• Triple IG , shaped IG automatic assembly and positioning system
• Universal wheel in tilting table has balance weight device
• Servo control stepped IG system, modularity function, superposition function
• Automatic control of second press for over length glass
• Static automatic release function


Main Parameters:

Washing speed


Max.working speed


Washing glass thickness


Max.insulating glass thickness


Conveyor height

500mm size

450×280 size


Main components:

Circuit breaker





Siemens or omron

 Touch screen

Taiwan Wenview

 Power switch



Dongyuan or Siemens


Japan Omron

 Optoelectronic switch

Korea Autonics

 Servo motor


 Pneumatic component

Taiwan Airtac